OMG Meow

Greetings! I’m Mary, the owner of two happy cats (Luna and Leo).

I’m a lifelong cat lover, and I strive to provide the most accurate and helpful information about cats through extensive research and to care for our furry friends!

Since Sep 2021, OmgMeow has been one of my most important personal projects. Being a cat enthusiast, I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned through practice, accumulating experiences, consulting with professionals, and researching up-to-date official information.

My love for animals comes from childhood. As a son of farmers, it is almost impossible not to have this close relationship with dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and cows. My first pet (Bella) and I used to run like crazy around the windmill at home in the afternoons.

Omg Meow is a way for me to offer some of my knowledge to those who want to learn more about their own pet cats. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of one or the other, what matters is that you know how to build a true relationship based on trust and affection.

However, I cannot deny that writing (narrating, communicating) is another of my great passions. I pondered one day: why not create a space where I can share with others the two things I like most? This is how this project came about, whose construction I continue to renew and enjoy in life as a new challenge.

Take the first step if you have been considering adopting a cute kitten. The love and devotion you will receive may seem like a cliché, but trust me, it is impossible to put it into words.

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