Today, we will talk to you about the Abyssinian cat, a breed of cat characterized by being a lover of heights. Would you like to learn more about these beautiful cats? We have a lot to tell you about them!

Abyssinian cat breed information

  • Name: Abyssinian
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Life expectancy: 13 years
  • Color: warm colors
  • Hair: short
  • Height: 20 – 25 cm
  • Weight: 3 – 6 kg
  • Temperament: independent, cunning, cheerful
  • Needs: high socialization, scratching post
  • Perfect for: company

Where does the Abyssinian cat come from?

Cat displays were all the rage in later Victorian times. The third-place winner of the 1871 Crystal Palace Cat Show was an Abyssinian captured in the last Abyssinian War. On January 27, 1872, Harper’s Weekly published a report on feline exposure. It was the first time a report on the breed had been published. 

There are no records about the origin of this breed, but myths and speculation abound, including the claim that it was the cat of the Pharaohs.

Genetic evidence suggests that cats originated in the Indian Ocean and parts of Southeast Asia. There is a possibility that British and Dutch traders brought the cats from Calcutta, India, or the Indonesian islands.

This theory is supported by a taxidermied specimen labeled “Patrie, domestic India” at the Leiden Zoological Museum in the Netherlands from the 1830s. Zula, the cat, displayed in the Crystal Palace, was imported from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), thus Abyssinian.

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What is the Abyssinian cat like?

The Abyssinian is perhaps the most energetic of all cat breeds. Play harder, climb higher, jump further. With his brilliant and curious eyes, this cat keeps us entertained and challenged all the time. Aby’s adventures are always unpredictable, but if you have something on your hands or are doing something, he will want to investigate closely.

What does an Abyssinian cat look like?

Abyssinians are medium-sized, elegant cats with slender legs and muscular, lithe bodies. Round, wedge-shaped heads with almond-shaped eyes and small tufts on the tips of their ears distinguish them from other breeds.

How to care for an Abyssinian cat?

The Aby can sometimes seem like it never sleeps. He’s always on the move, hopping on top of the fridge to keep an eye on the food preparation, perching on your desk to watch your fingers move over the keyboard, and then gliding over them when you’re not looking. 

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A playful and persistent cat, he loves to be the center of attention and will do anything to keep it.

Abyssinians love to play, so pack him a wide variety of toys. The feline agility circuit is one of his favorite activities since it allows him to learn tricks quickly.

As we told you initially, the love of heights is a distinctive feature of the Abyssinian. You like to be as tall as possible and appreciate having one or more trees for ceiling height. When they are not available, it is perfectly capable of reaching the highest point in any room.

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It would be great if they lived in a home where they were loved and pampered. During the day, the Abyssinians get along best with individuals of the same race whose levels of activity match theirs. When left to its own devices, it can dismantle the house in search of interesting activity.

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How long does an Abyssinian cat live?

It’s pretty cool to own an Abyssinian cat! They live for 9-15 years.

How to feed an Abyssinian cat?

Remember to pay attention to the amount of food you give your cat so as not to be overweight or fall short. Always look for high-quality dry cat food as well as tasty cans of wet food.

How do you groom an Abyssinian cat?

They have a hair pattern similar to that of wild cats, such as cougars. Its coat is relatively easy to maintain, and also, the cat will enjoy brushing. You can massage its fur with a chamois to achieve a superior shine.



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