The Sacred Cat of Burma has a truly divine coat of color that ranges from white to gold; only its snout, legs, and ears are dark. His athletic appearance and celestial gaze make him the heavenly angel of cats. Do you want to know more about the Birman cat breed? Keep reading!

Birman Cat breed information

  • Name: Sacred of Burma
  • Origin: Burma
  • Life expectancy: up to 16 years
  • Color: Bluepoint, chocolate, lilac, cream, tortoiseshell, tortoiseshell-black
  • Hair: Semi-long
  • Height: up to 26 cm
  • Weight: up to 6 kg
  • Temperament: Very affectionate
  • Needs: Hairstyle
  • Perfect for: company

Where does the Birman cat come from?

Today, we will talk to you about the Burmese cat. A Birman cat is a breed believed to originate in Burma, so it is sometimes called the Sacred Cat of Burma. However, its origin is uncertain, and there are several hypotheses and legends about its origin. The most logical is that this breed was a gift from a priest to missionaries Gordon Rusell and Agust Pavie as a token of appreciation for saving his life and protecting the temple where he lived from looting and destruction.

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The mythological version of this breed tells that a priest of the Khmer Empire named Mun-ha lived with his cat in a temple. This priest was killed, and his cat mourned his death and perished sadly with him. Previously, the goddess gold of the temple labeled a cat with blue eyes, sapphire, golden fur, and the like with other cats of the temple in honor of his loyalty and faithful companion to his master. The cat turned out to be who brought the soul of the priest to paradise.

What is the Burmese cat like?

Regarding their most legendary origin, Burmese cats tend only to become attached to one person showing great love and remain a little reserved for the rest.

After World War II, it was decided to preserve the breed by mixing the Burmese lineage with Siam and Persians. The cats inherited the ideal character for being family pets.

They are very friendly cats and need company. Some owners comment that they have a character similar to that of a dog. So it is not a cat that tolerates being alone at home. It is recommended for families where there are always caresses available.

How to care for a Burmese cat?

The Burmese cat needs wide spaces, so small floors could stress him out. Like all cats, you need all your belongings to be clean, several places to “hide” a scratcher, and access to high places.

If he must be only a few hours, he must have interactive toys that keep him interested and stimulated to keep them balanced and healthy.

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How to maintain the hair of the Birman cat?

It would help if you brushed it often to avoid the formation of trichobezoars. The paste malt for cats helps facilitate the expulsion of hairballs and prevents their formation in the stomach. Malt supplementation is ideal for all cats, especially those with large fur like the Burmese cat.

How to feed a Sacred Cat of Burma?

Ask your veterinarian how much food you should give your Burmese cat to follow its weight. Always look for high-quality dry cat food and tasty cans of wet food to benefit from mixed feeding. A good diet translates into a shiny coat and a happy cat.


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