The hair of our cats could be a problem for many, but do not worry, there are some breeds of cats that shed the least hair.

One of the significant disadvantages that people have when adopting or buying a cat is hair. Not only are they a nuisance in armchairs, rugs, and clothing. But they could also affect allergy sufferers since these animals produce a certain amount of allergen every week (a substance that some people’s bodies recognize as “strange,” reacting with an antibody called IgE, which causes allergy symptoms).

Cats that shed the least

If you don’t have the time or patience to vacuum or brush your pussy every day, don’t think that’s why you can’t have a cute feline as a companion. There are cat breeds that shed the least, eliminating all these problems. Here are five unique breeds of less-shedding cats.

Sphinx cat

Despite the appearance of a skinned body, sphinxes have hair. Despite this, they are a cat breed that does not shed since their little hair is fine, short, and invisible. The almost non-existent hair they lose goes unnoticed, and they are known to be hypoallergenic. However, Sphinxes are still high maintenance cats and require frequent baths to keep their skin healthy. 

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a short-haired cat that keeps hair loss to a minimum. They go through an annual shedding period, which lasts one to two weeks and occurs twice a year (fall and spring), no more. This elegant-looking feline keeps the house hair-free the rest of the year, so that’s no problem. As long as they have a balanced diet, they will not lose their fur.

Japanese Bobtail

The adorable Japanese Bobtail also belongs on this list of cats that shed the least. Due to this cat’s light undercoat, it loses little hair, so weekly brushing is enough to remove whatever could be thrown. There are short and long hair bobtails, both with the same characteristic. There is only one shedding season in the fall and spring, but it can be managed with a little more frequent brushing.

Burmese cat

There are longer-haired cat breeds that keep hair loss to a minimum as well. The sacred cat of Burma or Burmese cat has a semi-long, silky coat with a woolly undercoat that requires minimal brushing to avoid shedding. Twice a week suffices and will keep all the hair that they lose. under control. A warm bath will help remove dead hair from these kittens or wet them with hot water by hand.

Siberian cat

Another example is the Siberian, a long-haired and dense cat that accumulates heavily in the undercoat. In summer, the hair they get to withstand the winter sticks to the lower layer. Therefore the cat does not throw it away. To remove it, you can brush. In addition, this breed has the peculiarity of not causing allergies in humans since they do not have the Fel D1 protein, which causes the unpleasant allergic reaction that some have.


So if the excuse for not having a cat is hair, forget about that. There are breeds of cats that shed the least as well as cats that don’t shed, so they do not need to be peeled. However, we should recall that brushing our cats daily and feeding them well can also reduce their hair loss.



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