Although cats are creatures that can adapt very well to cold and environmental conditions due to their nature, they also need warmth like every living thing. Despite their thick fur, cats are not prone to living below certain temperatures. Although it is thought that the thick fur they have will protect them from the cold, it is known that cats can also get cold.

When do cats get cold?

When Do Cats Get Cold

The ideal body temperature of cats varies between 37 and 39 degrees. Cats that maintain their body temperature by producing a thicker coat in winter can often adapt quite well to cold weather. However, it is known that house cats lose these characteristics over time and are more sensitive to cold.

Similarly, some cat breeds are more resistant to cold weather, while others are known to be more sensitive.

How do I know if my cat is cold?

To understand whether your cat is cold or not, it will not be right to look only at the air temperature. Your cat’s behavior and actions are the only way to tell if she’s cold.

  • Shivering: Cats can be seen shivering when they are cold.
  • Dry nose: One of the easiest ways to tell if your cat is feeling well is by checking its nose. If your cat’s nose is dry, it can be seen as a sign that he is cold.
  • Tendency to hide: As your cat will instinctively seek shelter in cold weather, it may try to hide in various places and maintain its body temperature by entering narrow spaces. If the temperature is low, giving your cat a box and shelter will be comforting.

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