Stray cats are independent and very active animals. They have an enormous capacity to survive without anyone helping or feeding them because they know how to find their sustenance.

If they have come to your house and you want to scare them away because you are uncomfortable, allergic to cats, or afraid that they will attack you, there are many home remedies to scare cats away that you can practice.

How to scare cats away?

how to scare a cat away

It is possible to scare away cats with many repellants, but we must do it without harming them because we want our space to be uninviting for them.

Keep reading this article to discover how you can make natural cat repellants at home using ingredients you already have.

The cat is a highly territorial animal. They mark the walls, trees, furniture, and even people with urine or rub their bodies on them.

Feral cats typically live in a large territory that is divided into several zones.

The cats mark their territory to distinguish it from other cats where they sleep, eat, and where they defecate.

scare cats away

The main signals they receive are visual and olfactory. They can also receive information through scratches. They throw something called sexual pee when they are in heat, especially females so that other male cats can recognize their status.

Males of reproductive age also mark their territories to indicate where they are within another male’s territory.

How to keep cats away from your garden?

How to scare away cats

Cats are very territorial, even aggressive if you want to kick them out. Once they arrive, it is pretty difficult for them to leave with all the guarantees that they will not return your property. So, although uncomfortable and laborious, here we offer you the best tricks so that driving away cats from your garden forever is an easy task.

The homemade measures to take are the following:

  • Beware of garbage. Close the organic garbage bags well and put them in the containers, leaving no remains within reach of cats. If they find it easy to rummage through the garbage in your neighborhood and can easily feed themselves, it will be tough for you to get rid of them.
  • If you like to feed the birds and have feeders in your garden, use feeders that are more inaccessible to cats to prevent them from hunting birds, or eating their food.
  • If you suspect that there are cats in your garden, explore every corner well. Look for inaccessible holes where it had not occurred to you to look (carefully because wild cats are dangerous if threatened) or more hidden places in the vegetation to see if stray cats have been able to seek refuge quickly.
  • It is recommended that you contact the corresponding town hall to take the cats from your home. There are services for collecting stray animals, which are also responsible for the control of animal colonies, and their sterilization.

How to scare cats away without hurting them?

If you do not want your cat or that of the neighbor to damage or urinate on any surface, we explain how to scare away cats from your house with natural and non-harmful remedies.

home remedies to scare cats away


White vinegar is a powerful repellent to repel cats. Mixed with water, you can apply it in strategic places with a diffuser.

Use citrus in plants and pots

Take advantage of the peels of lemons, oranges, or grapefruits and place them next to the plants in your garden. Citrus fruits are perfect as repellants for cats and will also act as fertilizer for plants.

You can also squeeze the peel and pour lemon and orange on walls and trees before placing them on plants.

Repellent plants for cats

Some plants are perfect for scaring away cats. They smell more than pleasant for humans; cats do not like anything. Try planting thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, geraniums, or basil, and the cats will stay out of your garden. If you don’t have such plants, you can sprinkle thyme, basil, or cinnamon around your garden.

Repellent plants for cats

You can also use essences like cinnamon, lavender, and rosemary, which are strong fragrances, and cats don’t like anything.

Lemon and Eucalyptus, with their pungent odors, are also known to scare cats away, and you should spray them only where they pass, urinate, or defecate.

Coffee to repel cats

Coffee to repel cats

Coffee smell, like citrus fruits and the plants mentioned above, is very unpleasant for cats. So by spreading the coffee beans among the garden, orchard, or flowerpots, we scare away the cats, and in turn, we fertilize the green spaces.

To prevent them from nesting with their young, add pepper or coffee to the holes and hiding places. They are very effective cat scare products because the pepper makes them sneeze and uncomfortable, and they don’t like the intensity of the coffee smell either.

Pepper to scare away cats

Spray it around the garden and in pots, and in places where cats walk.

After they smell it, they feel uncomfortable, and itchy, and they sneeze. This will cause them to lose interest in the area because they are itchy when they sniff.

Garden fences for cats

If it is possible to place a fence around your property, it is also a good solution so that cats do not come near your house or surroundings, gardens, patio, etc.,

Concentrated cat repellent

Cat repellants bought in specialized stores are very effective and do not harm them. Applied in spray-on certain areas of your house, you will ensure that cats do not enter your house or garden.

Electronic sonic cat repeller

A more modern method of keeping cats away is ultrasound, frequency waves emitted by electronic cat repellants placed outdoors to scare away cats.

It is safe to place anywhere you like as it does not harm cats.

Electronic sonic repeller

When the sensors detect movement, the cat repellents emit high-frequency sounds that annoy and scare the cat away. They are easy to install and operate on batteries.

Vinegar, Lemon, and water

To repel cats, prepare a repulsive cocktail. We squeeze some lemons in 1/4 liter of water and add 1 liter of white vinegar. After mixing, we spray it on the places we do not want cats to enter.

Scare cats with water

Scare cats with water

Watering the cats is another way to keep them away from the house.

There are cat repellent products that contain sensors that can be placed to trigger and scare the cat when perceiving the movements.

You can scare a cat without harming it using this method since cats do not like water.

What you should never do to scare cats away?

Toxic products and poison will be banned, especially in homes with children, because accidents can also poison them. For example, mothballs are very effective at scaring off felines, but they are highly toxic to humans. Any poisonous or toxic product is banned because it can harm the cat, but we can also be in danger because they are harmful to our health.

Stray cats get aggressive if cornered, and they can attack. Trying to scare it away is the wrong measure because you can get hurt if it strikes you, and the wounds of a wild cat can be severe.

We are going to show you some of the things that you should not use when scaring a cat from your house and surroundings:


Mothballs: are as toxic as repellants and cause the same effects in children; they should not be used either.


Cat poison: These products should never be used. There are many ways to scare a cat away without the need to do any harm to it or end its life. It is punishable by law. You can also cause damage to other animals that inhabit the area.


Toxic repellents: It happens relatively the same as with poisons. Their use is not allowed, and they can cause damage to the fauna of a specific place.


Sulfur: This substance should not be used because it is dangerous for them. It is currently prohibited in Spain and much of the European Union.


Chemical sprays: you should not use any of these similar sprays due to the type of ingredients they are harmful to the cats and can cause irreversible damage.


It is preferable to save ourselves a problem instead of adding when driving away cats, be patient, and use products that do not harm them. Respect their nature and scare the cats away in a way that does not cause them any pain.


I hope you find this information exciting and you can share it with people who have the same problem. Good luck and leave us your comments.

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