Although losing your pet is a very difficult situation, it should not be forgotten that every living thing has a lifespan. Cats, which have a life cycle of 12 to 20 years on average, manifest themselves with certain behaviors in their old age, especially when they are close to death. So, how to tell if a cat is dying, and what are the signs of death in cats?

How to tell if a cat is dying?

If you think your cat has a health problem, it is very important to get veterinary support regarding this issue. Apart from this, signs of death can also be seen that indicate that your cat will die.

How to tell if a cat is dying

Lack of interest in eating and drinking

As in all other animals, one of the signs of death in cats is shown a loss of appetite. Since your cat is too tired to digest, you may observe that her appetite is gone. However, you should not forget that your cat’s loss of appetite is not only a sign of death, it can also be seen due to diseases.

A high degree of weakness

In cats close to death, it is possible to see conditions such as weakness because their bodies cannot receive enough energy. You may encounter such situations in your cat’s movements and behaviors. Conditions such as difficulty in walking and slowness in movements are very common in cats approaching death.

Low body temperature

While the body temperature of a healthy cat is in the range of 37-38 degrees, it can be seen that the body temperature decreases in sick and dying cats. Causes such as weakening of the organs and the inability of the heart to pump blood as before can directly affect your cat’s body temperature.

Change in appearance and smell

Since cats are very meticulous creatures, they love to clean and lick themselves. However, in old age, you may witness that your cat is no longer as clean as it used to be, as one of the signs of death. Changes may occur in your cat’s odor due to reduced licking and his body’s inability to produce enough saliva.

Desire to be alone

One of the signs of death in cats is known as the desire to be alone. Distraction from previously interested subjects, striving to be alone, may be a sign that your cat is sick or near death.

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