If there is a cat that is calm and docile, it surely belongs to the Ragdoll cat breed. It is a Ragdoll, which literally means rag doll.

When you hold a Ragdoll cat in your arms, they relax so much that they look like stuffed animals. They are so tame and calm that they hardly meow. Do you want to know more about the Ragdoll cat breed? Keep reading!

Ragdoll cat breed information

  • Name: Ragdoll
  • Origin: California
  • Life expectancy: up to 10 years
  • Color: Gray, lilac, chocolate, brown, reddish, etc.
  • Hair: Long
  • Height: up to 90 cm
  • Weight: up to 10 kg
  • Temperament: Very calm
  • Needs: Hairstyle
  • Perfect for: Company

Origin of the Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdoll cat breed

Where does the ragdoll cat come from?

The Californian breeder of this breed is called Ann Backer. In the 60s, he was looking to breed a large cat with a friendly, calm, and tame character. So he crossed his angora cat called Josephine with a sacred Burmese cat and had the first litter of kittens. From there, he developed the qualities of the ragdoll cat breed.

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Character and behavior of the ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat breed info

What does a ragdoll cat look like?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, his name already indicates his highly calm and peaceful character. It makes it an ideal domestic cat, which coexists perfectly with other animals and people and is very silent.

A characteristic of this breed is a Michelin of fat on the belly. What makes you want to hug him even more!

Due to its lineage, it has lost its defense instinct, which is why it is a cat that needs its master and the protection of a home. He is trusting with strangers and affectionate with family, so loneliness does not tolerate it too well. So the owner should spend time with him and offer him toys at home. The ragdoll is a brilliant cat; he will love to have daily challenges.

As a last curiosity, ragdolls are born white, and it is not until after the week of life that they begin to show their colors and spots.

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Ragdoll health and care

Ragdoll cat

How to care for a ragdoll cat?

The ragdoll is a generally healthy cat, but its coat requires daily brushing to prevent it from generating hairballs and knots. On the other hand, having such an extremely calm personality, you may go unnoticed with ailments or illnesses, so it will always be opportune to check that everything is well together with routine visits to the vet.

How to maintain the hair of the ragdoll cat?

Besides daily brushing with a comb for long hair, it is advisable to offer malt paste for cats to facilitate the expulsion of hairballs and prevent their formation in the stomach.

The correct diet is also key to hair health.

How to feed a ragdoll cat?

So that your ragdoll cat has a beautiful coat and does not have overweight problems, confirm the amount of food you should give him with your veterinarian.

Always look for high-quality dry cat food and wet food to benefit from mixed feeding and all its advantages. A good balance of macronutrients and micronutrients will keep your ragdoll cat healthy inside and out.

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