Felines are considered truly irresistible animals, but have you ever wondered why are cats so cute to humans?

It is pleasant to touch their fur. Cats make high-pitched, baby-like meows and rumbly purrs. Humans love cats for their cute characteristics that make them easy to care for.

Despite their independent character, felines turn out to be very in the eyes of almost all people. cute, for this reason, they are often chosen as pets.

But have you ever wondered why the cats in our eyes are cute enough to decide to share our lives with them? Let’s see together why we prefer to have a cat in our house.

Why are cats so cute?

According to some researchers, there is a real scientific meaning why cats are cute in the eyes of humans.

Why are cats so cute to humans?

The specific term is neoteny, that is, the maintenance of juvenile characteristics in adult animals. These characteristics, which we notice in both children and puppies, are:

  • Large eyes
  • Rounded ears
  • Unstable movements
  • Smooth body shape
  • Large head compared to body

According to scientists, these characteristics guarantee the survival of the animal.

For this reason, the soft fur of the cat and its meows moans similar to those of a child, encourage man to take care of it.

In fact, just when we see a cat doing something nice, our brain asks us to protect it and at the same time releases dopamine, that is, the hormone of well-being.

However, very often the human being considers cute even a cat that does not have “childish” characteristics, but why?

It is simply our brain that shows us sweetness in felines that have different characteristics or that makes us think that being small animals they need care.

Finally, sweetness and seeing some cats cuter than others is simply personal taste.

On the other hand, there are people who find cute hairless cats and others who prefer felines with thick and soft fur.

 4 reasons why are cats cute

why are cats cute


No one can see a kitten playing and not fall in love. Soft little paws leaping, grabbing, and fiercely kicking anything that moves. The kittens scramble as fast as they can to chase some string lying around on the floor. A kitten’s ability to jump, spin, slide and climb in a display of agile cat antics keeps its owner engaged and entertained. No other pet can turn a paper sack into a hidden cubby from which he launches a barrage of kitty attacks before falling sound asleep.

The purr factor

Nothing is more enticing than getting a purr response when you pet your cat. No one knows why cats purr or why some cats purr more than others, but a cat’s rhythmic vibrations calm and satisfy their human counterparts. Your cat’s magical engine induces a sense of peace and offers a welcome respite from the fast-paced world outside the door.


Intelligent and curious, cats are alternately independent and demanding; their attentive ears are always alert for the sound of the can opener that indicates: “Dinner is served”. Reserved saucer-shaped eyes catch every movement in the room before closing in comfort. Hypnotic mannerisms of a cat captivate and fascinate. Sometimes insightful but always charming cats possess a charming attraction that creates strong human-feline relationships.

Happy fellowship

Fur-laden friendship never felt so good. Whether you’re catching a nap with your favorite feline or sharing a bite of your tuna fish sandwich, be lucky to have such an alluring friend. Cats possess an uncanny magnetism, showing affection through gentle nose touches and paw rubs. Happy to occupy the windowsill or snuggle up next to you on the couch, your cat offers a special brand of feline friendship that’s never dull. Cats manipulate their people with melodic meows and heartwarming kitten kisses. It just doesn’t get cuter than that.


In conclusion, scientifically the cat looks cute in the eyes of humans because the latter’s brain responds to neoteny.

However, we can also say that seeing a cute cat or kitten can also be a matter of personal taste.

So the cat can be sweet and cute because it is or simply because you consider it so.

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