Why do cats eat grass and plants? Cats are creatures of curiosity with their many strange behaviors. These creatures, which display different characteristics depending on their characters, may tend to eat different substances such as grass, or plant leaves from time to time. This is considered normal and indicates that your cat is healthy.

Cats Support Their Digestion By Eating Grass

Cats swallow hair during cleaning because they are cleaned by licking. Since these hairs are not suitable for digestion by the cat, they must be thrown away by vomiting or coughing. Similarly, although hair removal can occur through feces without being digested, your cat’s first choice will be to do this by vomiting.

Cats have adapted to find suitable solutions for their own needs during their time in nature. Grass eating is a behavior that can be observed in all cats, including stray cats.

why do cats eat grass and plants

Cats develop a vomiting reflex by eating substances such as grass, and flower petals. If the hairball in their stomach bothers the cat, they will instinctively eat grass and make themselves vomit. This is not harmful to your cat’s health.

Cat Grass and Cat Malt Can Be Used

You can use cat malt to help your cat digest and relax. Likewise, the cat grass that you will leave at a certain point in your home will help your cat to get rid of the hairs swallowed more easily.

It can be observed that the habit of eating grass increases especially in long-haired cats and during shedding periods. During such periods, you can help your cat with supplements such as cat grass.

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