Why don’t cats like water? It is not a secret to absolutely anyone that most cats don’t like water and getting wet. It is not natural to see cats in water.

However, we know the importance of water, and cats are not an exception.

Even if there is a conflict between cats and water, this is important for their bodies to function correctly, and in case of extreme dirt, clean them properly.

Since cats dislike water so much, they might not hydrate properly, as they tend to drink less water than they need, which can cause them inconvenience or even make them sick.

Why don’t cats like water?

Have you ever wondered Why don’t cats like water? Why do cats hate water? Why are cats rarely seen in the water? How might this affect them? Well, keep reading; below, we will answer all your questions related to cats and water.

Why don't cats like water

Reasons why don’t cats like water

It is not that cats do not like water. They feel an inevitable rejection of water for reasons of origin. Cats and most felines suffer from this rejection, which is ironic since they are excellent swimmers.

Why cats don't like water

Cats are initially from the Middle East, where deserts predominate, and water is not so abundant. Water was unusual in their days, so they distrusted it, as it was a new, strange element. Cats usually reject water in this way.

However, these began to be domesticated by humans, they became more related to water, and they no longer limited themselves so much to approach it, but the suspicion continued. We can attribute this suspicion to actions of distrust and prudence. And this is something that cats keep from their ancestors.

It is strange because, just as water generates mistrust, water also causes a lot of curiosity in cats, so it is not strange to see them carefully observing the water. And thanks to this curiosity, it is possible that they overcome the aversion.

Do any cat breeds like water?

Just as some fear approaching the water, other cats enjoy the water. They enjoy playing with it, observing it, or swimming in it. Cat breeds that like water are the Turkish Angora, the Bengal cat, the pixie bob, and the Maine coon.

How to hydrate a cat that won't drink water

Cats and moving water

As we mentioned before, water is something that, apart from giving cats mistrust, generates a lot of curiosity and more if they observe that it is in motion.

You will realize that even if they have a bowl full of water at their disposal, they will prefer to go and drink the water that comes out of a tap.

Or it may be that before drinking from the bowl, it puts one of its legs to make the water move, even causing the bowl to tip over and drink directly from the ground.

He may prefer to drink the water from the sink or drink from rainwater if he has access to it.

It is unknown why they do it, but some theories say it has to do with not liking stagnant water. As an instinct, cats may prefer to drink moving water to avoid illness.

Or maybe the cat notices that this type of water is much more relaxed than the one you leave in the bowl. Or simply taking the moving water is much more entertaining.

How to make my cat like water?

There is a way to make your cat like water, but it will take time because it has to be done little by little. In addition, you should try it when your cat is small. Here are the steps:

why do cats hate water

As we said, you must accustom your cat from a young age to relating to water so that in this way, his aversion will gradually disappear.

You can buy a small bathtub; you can get it in pet stores, and put it there with a little warm water, wet it slowly, without it coming into contact with your eyes, ears, or head in general.

While you do that, keep an eye out for their reaction. You may notice him somewhat restless and stressed. Caress him gently so that little by little, his tension disappears, so he relaxes and adapts to the situation.

Wrap him in a towel after this short bath and try to blot out the moisture from his hair. You can also use a hairdryer with caution. After brushing it, you can let it dry naturally in the air.

Do this from time to time (not so often later; we will tell you why), especially when summer is around so that your kitty loses her fear a bit.

How do cats drink water?

Let me tell you that seeing exactly how kittens drink water is not so easy, right off the bat we can only observe how they quickly extend and shrink their tongue over the water. But, thanks to technology, it has been possible to see what exactly they do with their tongue when drinking.

How do cats drink water

Cats form something similar to a U by curving their tongue backward, and with this bent, in this way, they come into contact with the water. Just when they touch the water they pick it up quickly which causes a trickle of water to go to their mouths. This type of movement is repeated until they feel satiated and each repetition is done in less than a second.

What if my cat does not drink water?

Your cat may not even like to drink water, which can be worrying, well, it may not, it is worrying because if it is not well hydrated it may suffer from a health problem, such as a urinary infection. If your cat does not consume water for a long time, it can become dehydrated and cause serious health problems.

Dehydration can cause certain discomforts in your cat. You can identify dehydration if you have any of these signs and symptoms in your cat:

  • Apathy
  • Difficulty or acceleration in breathing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Hollow eyes
  • Very concentrated urine
  • Cat loses the elasticity of the skin

But what can you do in this case? What to do if your cat doesn’t drink enough water? How to hydrate a cat that won’t drink water? There are ways to help our cats with this, to help them consume the water they need to avoid any serious consequences, here are some ideas for this:

  1. You can add extra water to their food, preferably to animal feed, which is drier than canned food.
  2. Place some sources of water at home, these will cause curiosity in the little feline and they will come over and probably drink.
  3. Also, place bowls with water scattered throughout the house, it is a good technique, and at some point, your cat will end up drinking water from one of them.
  4. Add some flavoring to the water, these can be purchased in specialized pet stores, they are expensive, but it is likely that your cat will like them and drink water more often.
  5. Refill their water bowl daily.
  6. Try a different water bowl.
  7. Try a water fountain.

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