Do you want to know how to keep your cats cool in summer without air conditioning?

It seems impossible when you don’t have a powerful AC running in the background. You can still make things work if you have a strategy in place and focus on the cat’s needs.

Focus on your cat’s health first. During the warmer months, how is it reacting to the increased heat inside your home? Has it shown signs of deterioration?

The signs can include:

  • Moaning
  • Refusing to Move
  • Hiding

It’s time to learn how to keep cats cool in summer without ac. Allowing things to continue as they are will harm the cat and cause it to eventually break down.

In this guide, we will discuss how to keep cats cool without AC, which cooling solution to use, and how to keep the cat comfortable during the summer.

How to keep cats cool in summer without ac?

how to keep cats cool in summer without ac

Cooling pad

Most cats are going to seek cooler parts of the house when it gets hot. This is something humans do as well, especially when an AC isn’t available.

As a result, you are often going to see cats rushing towards a shade-filled spot or hiding under a bed to stay cool. It’s something they will do as soon as the temperature goes up and there’s no other way to stay energized.

However, one of the best options available to you is a cooling pad.

The cooling pad works well because it can be set up anywhere in the house, laid on the floor, and used by the cat to stay cool. It automates the cooling process and ensures the cat’s body temperature remains good.

The benefits include:

  • Easy Source of Cooling for Cats
  • Increases Quality of Life
  • Ideal for All Types of Heat
  • When it comes to new-age cooling solutions for pets, you are going to want to have this one available at home.
  • It’s affordable, easy to set up, and is going to be loved by your cat.

Open the windows

Yes, this is going to work when it is time to learn how to keep cats cool in summers without AC.

Opening the windows will get the air flowing throughout the property. On a windy day, this is going to work out well as the air will push the hot air out.

In an enclosed space, the heat is going to rise rapidly. This becomes thoroughly uncomfortable and something humans don’t want to deal with let alone cats!

Your goal should be to open the windows and make sure air is being pushed into the house naturally.

Increasing the airflow in your house is essential as it will keep you and the cat comfortable.

It’s best to keep the windows open for as long as possible. The air is going to spread throughout the house and make sure the hot air doesn’t sit around causing discomfort. It provides enough circulation to keep everyone happy.

When you don’t have an AC available to you, it’s time to start with simple adjustments such as this one.

In most cases, the temperature is going to drop when the windows are open. This makes it an ideal adjustment you should be making whether it’s during the middle of the day or late at night. It’s best to implement this change right away since it’s free.

Regular baths

When understanding how to keep cats cool in summer without AC, you have to understand what makes a cat feel comfortable and what doesn’t.

Each cat is going to be different, but a cool bath is never a bad idea.

Set up a schedule during the summer months where you are increasing the number of times a cat is bathed. This will ensure the cat’s body is kept cool with a nice bath every once in a while.

In fact, you can also do it based on how hot it is outside. If it is burning hot, you may want to give your cat a bath in cold water to freshen it up.

Experts Say…

Baths are a wonderful way to keep the cat’s body temperature down during hot days.

If your cat isn’t a fan of baths, which does happen from time to time, it’s okay to use other solutions such as a pet water fountain set up in the kitchen.

The goal is to make sure the cat finds a way to freshen up when it has the opportunity to do so.

If you set up a good pet water fountain for cats, you may notice the cat walking up to it and using the water to soak its fur. This is normal and it is something the cat would do out in the wild. As you learn how to keep cats cool in summer without AC, it may come down to a change such as this.

Keep the water bowl full

Is the water bowl full throughout the day?

In the winter, you may not think about this as much as you need to. However, cats are going to be actively seeking water sources when the heat rises. This is a natural reaction to wanting to regulate their body temperature.

If you don’t put out a water bowl, the cat is either going to become significantly lethargic or will start finding out places for water (i.e. toilet, sink).

Your goal should be to make the water source as accessible as possible. This is an easy change to make and it is one you should focus on as a cat owner.

The benefits include:

  • Keeps the cat hydrated
  • Peace of mind
  • Easy solution

Set up the water bowl in an easy-to-reach spot and make sure it is always full. You will notice the cat is going to increase its water intake during this period.

The regular amount of water isn’t going to be enough. You have to stay focused on this aspect of the cat’s life so it doesn’t get dehydrated.

Reduce exercise

When it is time to learn how to keep cats cool in summer without AC, you are going to have to cut down on the exercise right away.

In the winter months, it’s okay to keep the cat warm by getting them to run around. This is not the case when it is burning hot outside and the cat is already starting to show signs of fatigue.

If you overwork them, they are going to break down and faint.

This is the last thing a cat needs, which is why it’s important to cut down on the activity. Instead, let the cat dictate what it wants to do during the day.

The benefits include:

  • Less fatigue
  • Easier to sit in the cooler parts of the house
  • Reduces the cat’s exposure to heat

Over time, the cat is going to begin developing patterns and those are details you should consider when planning the day.

The same goes for taking your cat outside. It might not be a good idea if it is too hot and the sweltering heat is going to make it uncomfortable for them to walk around.

By reducing the amount of exercise a cat does, you are going to keep their energy levels up. This can be a major plus point when everything else is eating away at their energy.

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