Cats are animals that provide excellent company at any time of the day. That is why we always want to share good times with them and that they are our companions in many adventures, from going to live alone to enjoying a simple sunset. Because your company is unique, we are becoming more and more cat parents.

Daddy cat lover

A Catlover dad considers this animal as his life partner, that is, his companion for naps, movies, exercise, and watching all kinds of games on television. But he must also worry about his food, his cleanliness, and his visits to the vet and make sure that everything goes well. A Catlover dad also knows that his animal is “like him”: protective, crafty, and good to eat, that’s why he knows what each cry or each purr means.

Signs that indicate you are an excellent Dad cat lover

These are some signs that show that your cat is happy with you so that you are a good cat dad.

Signs You're Lovely Cat Dad

Kneads you

When your kitty does this, he is showing that he loves you and that he feels love for you as a dad.

It raises its tail

If it approaches you and brushes against you it raises it and twists the tip, it means that it really loves you, it feels comfortable and calm.


If your cat purrs, you have no doubt that he is showing his love because he feels very comfortable and relaxed at that moment with you.

He brings you a present

Whatever the form of present or gift, he is showing that he considers you part of his family.

Nibbles you

If your kitten nibbles your fingers, it is that he is playing with you and is showing that he sees you as a loved person who gives him peace of mind and company.

Sleep with you

If he looks for you to sleep, it is because he fully trusts you and because he wants a warm place to do it.

Now that you understand their signs, they are ready to celebrate this Father’s Day! Be proud of being one since these pets are wonderful and they will always thank you for being a good companion like them.

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